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Leslie Pfau | Client Services

What’s your most embarrassing song currently in your Playlist?
“Hopelessly Devoted” from Grease.

Who is your favorite storyteller?
Maya Angelou – Her anecdotes seem to give me a sense that we all go through the same challenges and there is always a loving God to see us through.

Most amazing encounter with someone in need?
When my daughter was in High School she had a friend who had a hard home life. My daughter always asked for her to live with us. I answered “when her mother calls me and tells me herself she doesn’t want her, and then I will go get her.” That day actually came, and during a huge snow storm. She was with us for two years. In that time, she worked and used any money she earned to take care of her younger brother’s needs never wanting anything for herself.

Why do you do what you do for i58:10 Media?
I have always enjoyed being in the background inner-working of large productions. These ministries humble me when I comprehend all the changes they help the hurting and the broken make. Helping them with one of their many responsibilities to their clients makes my day worthwhile.

Describe your family?
Organized chaos. Well, not as much these days. I have two beautiful grown children with families of their own including a sweet, adorable step-granddaughter. My husband of 26 years and I enjoy entertaining family and friends and catching live concerts whenever we can.

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