Imagine your (supporters) favorite radio station talking about your ministry all day – from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. – with the primary purpose of raising money from listeners who make a gift online or call in their gift to your ministry. In a nutshell, that is a radiothon. And we’ve been producing these one and two-day events since 1997.

Our work for radiothons includes identifying the right station in your market, then negotiating with the station on your behalf for how the day will sound and how your message will be presented. We craft the message beforehand with your input. Then we gather audio stories which are used to pre-promote your event one to two weeks before the event day. We also use the audio during the radiothon to motivate listeners to call and make a gift to your ministry. We’ll even bring in a specially trained radio host to help manage the day and serve as an on-air spokesperson if requested.

In 2011, our radiothons exceeded client goals by an average of 38%. And with first year radiothons, over 90% of the donors were new to the ministry.


Highlighting your ministry through on-going or periodic spot campaigns can be very effective in telling your story on the radio. Campaigns that we produce are not typically designed for the purpose of Public Relations or Branding your ministry. We believe that Branding and PR are the result of a targeted campaign where we write and produce spots with a tangible pre-established outcome in mind. Campaigns are customized to the needs of your ministry and can range from a variety of topics including banquet promotion, vehicle donations, emergency response and strategic support of your other development campaigns.