Donors – current and new – are going online both to give and to learn more about your ministry. Our online services include website builds and maintenance, and social networking marketing.


E-communication services are a key component of the support we provide our clients. We help design strategies and products for ministries who want to reach their current and potential supporters via E-marketing. This helps create synergy with their overall marketing efforts to reach an expanded market vs. using primarily direct mail.

A few of our key products include:

E-appeals – includes a monetary Ask. It could also include a short life change story on video. Sent on a regular schedule, typically once a month.
E-newsletter – a unique document to promote upcoming events, share successes, enlist volunteers, and provide give-a-ways. Sent typically once a month.
Promotion of key ministry events.
Business partner E-coupon.
Online fundraising campaign.

Some key benefits of using E-communications include:

Reaching a different market than direct mail.
Presenting the ministry with an up-to-date image.
Helping create synergy between website, video and social networking.
Reaching and activating support very quickly if needed.
Lower costs than direct mail.